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John Jude Slattery has over 30 years experience in the roofing industry. He has a passion for building and a vision shaped by the belief that everyone deserves to live within the safest structure possible. Born and raised in Massachusetts, John honed his skill working in some of the toughest climate conditions mother nature can put a roof under. In addition to working for some of the largest private roofing companies, John lead a team of roofers while a member of the prestigious 33rd roofing Union. Since relocating his family to Sarasota over 20 years ago, John still proudly applies the same principles and craftsmanship three decades and thousands of roofing jobs later. John’s son Trey now works side by side with his father continuing the family legacy of quality construction and professional service.

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Trey Martell has been working next to his father since he could hold a hammer, learning the family trade. Growing up in Sarasota Trey rose to prominence as a local high school football star. Trey parlayed his success into a athletic scholarship at Lafayette College where he dual majored in Business and Economics. Upon graduation, Trey hung up his football cleats to pursue a graduate degree from the University of Florida State. Since returning to Sarasota, Trey has taken his business acumen and work ethic and applied it to the family business. With over 12 years experience, he can once again be seen working side by side with his father.

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